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Get the best depression and anxiety treatment for you, backed by evidence and delivered by expert, caring doctors. Just $95/month.

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Get matched with an expert doctor for a comprehensive video consultation. Share how you’re feeling, then decide on the best next steps — together.


Follow your care plan

Your depression care plan includes your medication delivered right to your door, digital therapy, and self-care. When used together, these tools can help you feel better, faster.


Make progress

Report back on what’s working and what’s not. Your doctor can adjust your medication as necessary to make sure it’s just right for you.


Life doesn’t have to be so hard

79% of Brightside members feel better within 12 weeks.

Melissa M.

Brightside has saved my life. I would recommend this to everyone. I finally feel that I am able to breathe again and starting to return back to the person I used to know and love.

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The right medicine can make all the difference

We make sure you get the best treatment for you, backed by evidence and delivered by expert, caring doctors.

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One low fee covers everything

Your Brightside membership includes a comprehensive evaluation, your personalized prescription delivered to your door, ongoing support from your doctor any time you need it, and digital therapy lessons.

Just $95/month. HSA/FSA eligible. Cancel anytime.

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