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Depression is difficult.

Getting care should be easy.

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Treatment that fits your life

Get a personalized depression evaluation, treatment recommendation, and even a prescription - without a doctor visit

Find the best treatment for you

Complete a 10-minute online questionnaire and our system will help you evaluate the treatment options most likely to benefit you, including medication, therapy, and lifestyle/supplements.

Doctor review, without the uncomfortable visit

If medication is appropriate for you, a physician licensed in your state will review your information, verify the best treatment, and send your prescription to your local pharmacy. Only pay a $20 visit fee (or $40 without insurance). Pharmacy costs not included.

We stick with you

We'll help you follow your treatment program and monitor your symptoms over time to ensure you're actually getting better. We’ll help modify your treatment as necessary.

*Brightside is available to residents of California. Other states coming soon.

Find your bright side.

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Brightside’s mission is to help people lead healthy, happy, and productive lives by improving access to the highest quality depression care.

Easy Access and Privacy

1 in 5 people experience depression, but only half will seek care due to stigma, cost, and service availability. We make it easy for anyone to get private, high quality, convenient, and affordable care, when and where it works for them.

Better prescribing with data

Only 20% of people with depression receive treatment consistent with practice guidelines. Our proprietary knowledge base uses data to help physicians match patients to the treatment most likely to help them.

A measured approach

By measuring symptoms over time during treatment, we ensure that each individual is progressing and can modify treatment as necessary, helping more people get better, faster.

Still have questions? View our FAQ to learn more.

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We take privacy seriously

Brightside is designed to empower you to easily find the right treatment for you. We follow industry best practices for information security and we keep all of your information private - only your prescribing physician will have access to your information.*

*If we ever have reason to believe you intend to hurt yourself or others, we may need to share information in line with established safety protocols.

Find your bright side.

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