You can beat depression.
We can help.
Depression evaluation, treatment, and monitoring that fits your life
How it works
Take the assessment to understand your symptoms and what they mean
Care Plan
Build your care plan, including medication, therapy, and self care
Get your treatment delivered to your door and inbox, from free to just $95 per month
Monitor your progress and make adjustments as necessary
Get Better
What you get
Holistic care based on your needs and preferences
Self Care
  • Clinically proven assessment and insights
  • Self guided Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Lifestyle tools and resources
  • Therapy referral
  • Progress tracking and insights
Clinical Care
$95 per month
  • Remote doctor review and consultation
  • Medication delivered to your door
  • Monitoring and oversight by your doctor
Brightside is available in CA, with more states coming soon.
Why Brightside?
Top quality depression care from the privacy of home, for just a dollar a day.
Easy & Private
Access expert care from home with a brief, virtual doctor visit. Brightside is Legitscript certified, HIPAA compliant, and uses 256 bit SSL to encrypt and secure all data.
Holistic, evidence-based treatment options including medication, therapy, supplements, and lifestyle. Your doctor monitors your progress and adjusts your care as necessary.
$95 per month for an evaluation, medication, and doctor oversight of your treatment - about what you'd pay for a gym membership.
"I wasn’t positive if what I had was depression, but I knew I wanted to feel better. Brightside made it easy to figure out what was going on and get treatment that could help."
Leydy, Brightside member
Why we're doing this
Depression affects 1 in 5 Americans. About 80% of them can get better with treatment.
Only half of people with depression seek care because many of them are embarrassed, uncomfortable, or unsure.
People who do seek care for depression wait an average of 4 years and only a fraction receive treatment consistent with clinical best practices.
We need to do better
Brightside’s mission is to help people lead healthy, grounded, and productive lives by making it easy to access the highest quality depression care.
Who we are
We founded Brightside because we’ve all seen depression up close - either through experiencing it ourselves or helping someone we love. We bring over 30 years of experience in medicine, public health, and health technology to achieve our single goal: Delivering effective depression care to everyone who needs it.
Brad Kittredge MBA, MPH
"I’ve lived my whole life with a close family member with depression. I have kids of my own now and am inspired every day to help individuals and families prevent and overcome depression to lead balanced and fulfilling lives."
Jeremy J Barth
"Every day I get to work on Brightside is an opportunity for me to help improve the lives of people who are struggling. The modern world is relentless and shows no signs of letting up. I'm here to help people fight back."
Mimi Winsberg MD
"While rates of depression are on the rise, we are also facing a shortage of psychiatrists. My goal is to leverage over 20 years of experience in psychiatry to provide access to people in need and deliver excellence in patient-centered care."
Clinical advisors
Mari Kurahashi MD, MPH
Stanford Medicine
Center for Mental Health Technology
"I’ve been practicing telepsychiatry for years. Remote encounters can be highly effective, especially for first-line depression care. Brightside can make this easy and affordable for everyone who needs it."
Jessica Ross MD, PhD
University of California San Francisco
Psychiatry and Clinical Informatics
"Unfortunately, the demand for mental health care dwarfs the resources we have to serve it. Remote depression care has the potential to make treatment available, and more approachable, to far more people."
Julia Hoffman PsyD
US Department of Veterans Affairs
National Director of Mobile / Mental Health
"More than a decade of research has demonstrated that remote care for depression can be just as effective as traditional options. Gold standard assessment, treatment, and follow-ups can all be accomplished with greater accuracy and efficiency than ever before."
You can beat depression.
We can help.
Depression evaluation, treatment, and monitoring that fits your life