Our Mission

Deliver life-changing care to people with depression and anxiety

Our team brings decades of experience in psychiatry, health, and technology to deliver the best care available.

Brad Kittredge
Brad Kittredge

“I’ve lived my entire life with a close family member who had depression. Now that I have kids of my own, it’s important to me to help individuals and families overcome it.”

Mimi Winsberg, MD
Mimi Winsberg, MD

“I’ve had the satisfaction of seeing people with difficult depression get better with the right treatment. I want to make sure everyone has that chance.”

Jeremy Barth
Jeremy Barth

“The primary defining moment of my life was losing a close family member to depression. I’m grateful and optimistic that my work at Brightside can make a difference.”

Our Advisors

Brightside is supported by top experts

We combine evidence based approaches with the latest technology to deliver the best care available.

Mari Kurahashi MD, MPH

“Remote encounters can be highly effective, especially for first line care. Brightside can make this easy and affordable for everyone.”

Jake Behrens, MD
University of Wisconsin

“Brightside changes the relationship between a doctor and patient, moving from periodic visits to ongoing oversight and support through the entire care cycle. It’s an innovative approach to high quality, patient friendly care.”

Roger Ayres, MD
Yale University Trained Psychiatrist

“Brightside doesn’t just make depression care more accessible, it provides the tools and structure to make it even more effective.”


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We're delivering life changing care

We’ve redefined depression care from the ground up so that everyone can get great care, wherever they are.


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